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Set Specific Goals

Writing a research paper is a lot easier on you, the student, when you set yourself certain goals. All of this takes place before you start the research and the writing. The saying goes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. So rather than rushing in to begin writing your research paper, stop, take stock of the situation and list your goals. Here are a few possible specific goals.

  • set up a timetable
  • create an ideal topic
  • create an ideal thesis statement
  • become an expert note taker
  • create an outstanding plan
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How to write a term paper: a guide to the APA style 

If you are having difficulty writing an APA style paper consider the excerpt from a term paper below as a guide:

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies begin with discovering the product or service which the customers want. It then includes producing the product they want with all of the appropriate features and the quality wanted by customers. After this, a marketing strategy requires correctly pricing the product, promoting the product, encouraging customers by telling them why they should buy it and selling and delivering the product to the customers. ‘Sales” is the art of selling. That is a single activity, part of the entire process of marketing. “Sales” requires persuading or influencing the customers to buy the product or the service. Marketing activities are done to support the efforts of sales and are generally the most significant force behind the stimulation of sales. Marketing activities must take place prior to the occurrence of a sale (Hawkins, 2001, p. 12).

A salesperson will use a sales strategy which individualizes particular components of a product or service. They can emphasis those things which help the customer to determine whether they want the product or service. The sales strategy is not so much focused on learning what the ideal product would be for the customer, but rather, showing the customer how the product in question matches their desires. The sales strategy focuses on selling the product so as to fulfil a sales volume or sales objective. The marketing strategy must fulfil the needs and wants of the customers first and foremost. As such, a strategy begins with focusing on the customers in order to gain a profit (Hawkins, 2001, p. 12).

Marketing is what creates the atmosphere in which sales can easily occur. “Sales” requires getting orders out. It involves closing the sale. The marketer is the person who must be creative, get into the head of the customer, enjoy chasing products and original ideas. The salesperson must be well-disciplined, work within conventional rules, and get the sales orders. Marketing should be used to draw awareness to the product and/or service while sales should be used to close the deal and to get buyers (Hawkins, 2001, p. 16).

When making sourcing decisions, they must consider the market, the target market, competition, and their unique selling point. Marketing includes creating a marketing strategy which is aimed at consumers in a single mass market, a mid-market, or a high-end market. A company should not aim at all three, but rather, at one. Marketing also includes knowing your target market within your one mass market area, mid-market area, or high end market area. This means a company identifies age, gender, etc… Marketing also means researching the competitors. A company must understand the unique selling point that their product or service has which competitors do not. Marketing then requires that they market their materials including brochures, adverts, and websites. It also involves developing a brand name, a good reputation, gaining repeat customers, etc… (Hawkins, 2001, p. 16).

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