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Set Specific Goals

Writing a research paper is a lot easier on you, the student, when you set yourself certain goals. All of this takes place before you start the research and the writing. The saying goes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. So rather than rushing in to begin writing your research paper, stop, take stock of the situation and list your goals. Here are a few possible specific goals.

  • set up a timetable
  • create an ideal topic
  • create an ideal thesis statement
  • become an expert note taker
  • create an outstanding plan
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Where To Get A Good Example Of A Research Paper Thesis Statement

Coming up with a thesis statement can be tricky, so here are a few ways you can go about finding way to sum up your position:

  • Understand what a thesis statement is
  • Look online for a good example

Understand what a thesis statement is

Before you can write a thesis statement or look for a good example of one you have to first understand what a thesis statement is. A thesis statement is usually in the introduction of your paper, so that it is one of the first things your reader reads. In a sentence, or two, the thesis statement contains the gist of what your paper is about, the focus point that you are taking and where your goal lies. Knowing what a thesis statement is can be only half the battle though, implementing your knowledge into actually writing a thesis statement is something else. Before searching for good examples of thesis statements try practicing writing your own and seeing what you can come up with in a couple of sentences. Even if you feel that what you have written is a good thesis statement you should still look up a good example of a thesis statement in order to make a comparison. After all, it is always better to double-check your work than just leaving it unedited.

Look online for a good example

Researching online for good examples of thesis statements can be hard, but not impossible. The process is made hard because of the search grid, everything on the internet with the words ‘thesis statement’ will pop up and most of it will not be what you are looking for. However, looking for a good example of a thesis statement is not impossible. The best place to find these examples would be college or university websites, perhaps even a few essay writing companies online that specialize in helping students write the best essay. College or university websites will usually have a helpful link that can give you example essays on different topics, providing you with thesis statements, which will show how a thesis statement should be. Essay writing companies are usually where you can go to find an editor or proofreader to look over your paper, but they can also provide you with guidance before the essay is actually written. Such as giving you examples of thesis statements so you know what to strive for.

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