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Set Specific Goals

Writing a research paper is a lot easier on you, the student, when you set yourself certain goals. All of this takes place before you start the research and the writing. The saying goes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. So rather than rushing in to begin writing your research paper, stop, take stock of the situation and list your goals. Here are a few possible specific goals.

  • set up a timetable
  • create an ideal topic
  • create an ideal thesis statement
  • become an expert note taker
  • create an outstanding plan
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A List of Short Research Paper Topics that Would Make Your Paper Stand Out

Research papers often require students learn a great deal about the subjects and topics they choose, so it’s a great idea to select a topic that is truly interesting to you before you spend time searching for your sources. If you’re interested in your topic you will have an easier and much more enjoyable time working on it.

Here is a list of 10 short and interesting research paper topics that will make your paper stand out so you get the stellar grade you deserve:

  • Which of today’s Olympic events originated from and were practiced in ancient Greece? Which ancient games can possibly be played today?
  • How are computer’s actually affected by viruses, and how to do they spread so easily in the first place? Will we ever live in a time when viruses are ineffective?
  • How does a GPS system work? What limitations exist and what uses of the technology can we anticipate in the near future?
  • How was Cleopatra’s rise to power in ancient Egypt made possible? And what did she achieve in during her reign?
  • Gunpowder was invented in China hundreds of years before it was used for warfare in Europe? In what ways did the landscape change in both places?
  • What are the long term effects to the human body of prolonged steroid use?
  • Joan of Arc is a tremendously important female heroine and role model. Why has she been removed from history books and studies to the point that there are too few people know who she is?
  • In what ways did the architectural marvels found in the Mayan, Aztec, and ancient Egyptian empires inspire modern architecture?
  • Inventors like Leonardo di Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were celebrities in their time. How would they have fared today?
  • Why did communism fail in so many countries? Could better relations between the first and second world nations have led to more prosperity in communist nations?

If you want to come up with your own list, try writing down a few questions you would like to have answered. Think about things that will require you to do a little digging. The challenge will keep you focused and make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

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