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Set Specific Goals

Writing a research paper is a lot easier on you, the student, when you set yourself certain goals. All of this takes place before you start the research and the writing. The saying goes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. So rather than rushing in to begin writing your research paper, stop, take stock of the situation and list your goals. Here are a few possible specific goals.

  • set up a timetable
  • create an ideal topic
  • create an ideal thesis statement
  • become an expert note taker
  • create an outstanding plan
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Writing And Formatting Tips For Students - How To Write A Research Paper In APA Style

To make sure everything is in order with your research paper, make sure you know what style you are required to write in. Keeping tabs on all the features relevant to an APA style paper is important if you want your research assignment to obtain a passing grade.

APA attempts to make the referencing process more inviting for the reader. It instantly tells the reader where all the research sources are and eliminates the need to hunt for references at the end of the paper. It’s therefore not surprising that this style of writing has grown in popularity since its implementation decades ago.

Spacing guidelines

The margin on each side of each page should measure one inch and font standard is size 12 Times New Roman. Page headers and page numbers should be present on every single page (including the front page). The page header should be on the top left while the page number should appear on the top right.

Features that should be included in your APA research paper

The following elements of your APA format research paper should also be included:

  • A title page that includes the name of your topic and the name of your school. You can also include your own name as the writer
  • The abstract will appear on your first page after the title page and contain about 200 – 250 words.
  • Your main paper will start next. This part is often referred to as the thesis. All your arguments, evidences and experimentation results will be recorded in this section. Requirements for this section should be confirmed with your professor. More about this in the next paragraph.
  • The referencing comes last. Make sure you leave nothing out as your professor may want to check many of your source information throughout the reading process.

The main body

Back to the thesis section of your research paper: This section should contain at least five main components:

  • An introduction which sums up the basics of all the content
  • A statement or claim which presupposes something
  • The evidence section or argument which argues for the statement
  • A results section which explains and backs up the implications of the evidence presented
  • A conclusion which again sums up all the spoilers of the thesis

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